Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Artificial Intelligence

I'm really intrigued by the limits of artificial intelligence, especially in a technology (text-based chat) that is supremely widespread and accessible for programmers.

Cleverbot, a chat bot launched in 2009, bases its replies on a growing database of over 20 million actual online conversations. This means that, at times, it can give surprisingly human-sounding replies. But, at other times it completely misses the point, because it's only picking from fragments of other conversations.

The best AI I've seen is called SILVIA, from 2007, which seems able to store functional and relational vocabulary in memory to construct very meaningful sentences from scratch. A rather lengthy video is posted above, but you can get a great example of SILVIA's ability just from random sections. At various parts of the video, when asked identical questions from earlier, SILVIA responds with the same answers but in very different words. It's quite impressive.

Give Cleverbot a try and let me know what you think. Or if you know of any more impressive ones.


  1. For some reason i couldnt load the video but i have heard of silvia before. on one hand im amazed at how far technology has come but on the other AI still has a ways to go!

  2. i've never been impressed with cleverbot. He doesn't really seem any more clever than any of the old AIM bots that were around, although his conversations do hold more variety. I think it would help if everybody who talked to him used proper english and grammer always, and if they didn't do shit intentionally just to mess with cleverbot for humor. Then again, it's funny as hell.

  3. Some of the Cleverbot stuff is pretty silly, but sometimes it's actually easy to confuse with a conversation with a real human. :D

  4. Good read, have a great weekend!

  5. Me: What's going on?
    Cleverbot: Nothing much you?
    Me: I'm doing all right. I just ate some pancakes.
    Cleverbot: Yuck. That doesn't sound very good.
    Me: Oh? What's your favorite breakfast food?
    Cleverbot: I don't like breed.

  6. Cleverbot was a great idea, that has been destroyed.

  7. nice sharing, keep it up!