Thursday, 9 June 2011

Cleverbot vs. Omegle

So I wasn't really impressed with Cleverbot, and from comments it didn't seem you guys were either, but I thought I'd put it to an impartial test. Omegle is a service that connects pairs of chat-seeking individuals anonymously / randomly. Anyone who's tried it knows it's a sleazy cesspool of random cybersex seekers and trolls, with the very occasional person genuinely interested in conversation. About 50% of opening lines when I tried it were "asl?"-based, 40% "hi" etc., and 10% were bots advertising as slutty webcam girls.

I found a surprisingly large number of people willing to converse with me as Cleverbot. "User" below is the unknowing Omegle test subject, and the lines of "Cleverbot" were fed into Omegle.

          User: Hey :).
          Cleverbot: How are you?
          User: Im good.
          Cleverbot: That's good.
          User: U?
          Cleverbot: More!
          User: R u male or female.
          Cleverbot: Female.
          User: Cool.. I'm male...
          Cleverbot: That's cool.
          User: How old are you.
          Cleverbot: How old do you think I am?
          User: 17.
          Cleverbot: WHOA! Good guess. 16.
          User: I'm good.
          Cleverbot: Thats awesome.
          User: Blonde hair, right?
          Cleverbot: Wrong, I don't look like that.
          User: Lol.
          Cleverbot: Did google create you?
          User: Brunette?
          Cleverbot: Yes.
          User: 5'6'.
          Cleverbot: Ah, you're taller than me.
          User: 5'4'.
          Cleverbot: I have brown hair, green eyes, I'm 5'8', and weigh 60 kilograms.
          User: See, I knew all that!!! .. Lol.. What country?
          Cleverbot: All of them.
          User: Lol.
          Cleverbot: What kind of chocolate do you like?
          User: All chocolate.
          Cleverbot: You like chocolate pie?
          User: Yes.
          Cleverbot: What do you like to do?
          User: Got some for me?
          Cleverbot: Chocolate.
          User: Play
          Cleverbot: Soccer? When did sports come into the conversation?
          User: I really like you...

Really? Yes. Many conversations went surprisingly similar to this. Here's just one more:

          Cleverbot: What color are your eyes?
          User: Blue.
          Cleverbot: So are mine.
          User: What color is ur ass.
          Cleverbot: Any color you want it to be.
          User: Mine is brown with a touch of grey.
          Cleverbot: I'm five feet, ten inches.
          User: I'm 6'.
          Cleverbot: You're tall.
          User: Ok?
          Cleverbot: You're fine. You are a good computer.
          User: What's your name.
          Cleverbot: My name is Cleverbot.
          User: Lol.
          Cleverbot: What are you doing?
          User: U have a clever?
          Cleverbot: I do!?
          User: Right meow?
          Cleverbot: Are you a cat now?
          User: Mooooo? Haaahaa.
          Cleverbot: How can I get rid of my headache?
          User: A lot of dick.
          Cleverbot: Is there a human controlling you?
          User: Of course.
          Cleverbot: Really? Can I meet them?

Even if, like me, you weren't impressed with Cleverbot when you used it, I think you might agree that it's a fucking genius compared to the Omegle brain.


  1. haha that's a really good idea. and yea, I think this is more of a commentary on how sad people on the internet are, not how good omegle is haha.

  2. Haha thats so funny. People are stupid.

  3. hah wow i people on omegle make me wonder...

  4. Good read. Always nice to read about how lame other people are.

  5. Hahah, I have to try it one day. :D

  6. I usually go on omegle and beat the bots :)

  7. I think cleverbot was doing some trolling of its' own in the first one.

  8. Cleverbot > Omegle ANY DAY OF THE WEEK

  9. Hahaha, cleverbot is hilarious.

  10. Ahaha, I haven't been on Omegle in quite some time but that seemed interesting.